Celebrating the Streak


With “game film” going on the background, the “Streakers” got caught up with each other and President Hess

It was about football…it was about getting together to celebrate the Streak…a winning streak between 1979 and 1981.  Oh, it was that…but it was a lot more than that.

It was, in typical fashion, about the guys, their families, and Wabash College.  They were joined by Coach Parrish, Coach Carlson, Coach Mark Deal, Coach Rob Johnson, Trainer Bob Burkart, and Mr. Everything Chick and Janet Clements. The band was truly back together.


Dr. Frank Kolisek ’82 introduces the President

Dr. Frank Kolisek served as the evening emcee for a program that might still be going…

They laughed, they joked, they poked good-natured fun and each other and everyone they could think of at the time.  One participant mentioned that Sunday night, safely back home, he felt like he was back at Wabash as a freshman!

The key point is that the Steak celebration was all about the reunion – get back and get together.

As one of them said – we can’t wait another 30 years to do this again.