Another Wabash Tradition

A Wabash Class – Note there are 7 total students

One of those photo axioms goes something like this: “the best camera you have is the one in your hands”.  Well, yesterday it was the iPhone 4S.

Walking back from a meeting I passed this class.  They were discussing various passages in the book.  What class?  Don’t know, sorry.  I took the photo and hoped it would be OK. I’ll rate it = OK.

As we look to develop more student leadership opportunities, expand our academic footprint, and take Wabash to the next level, those moves will all be grounded in this – the core of what we do, and do well, is that faculty-student relationship.  It drives learning – in the classroom, outside the classroom, on the sports fields, and in the residence halls and fraternities.  This critical experience is what makes Wabash so special.