Chapel Sing Tomorrow

Just Keep Singing!

Chapel Sing is tomorrow.  I remember mine…in 1967!  Didn’t eat for three days before and…well…TMI.  Haircut was on the line back then.

Now it’s just a spray-painted “W” on an old t-shirt.  But it means every bit as much today as it did in my day…

Chapel Sing is a Rite of Passage…as I have said before.  High school grads go in…Wabash men come out the other side.  I still don’t know the chemistry involved…but it happens.

Talked to a young pledge this morning about his Chapel Sing prep haircut.  He was loving it!  He and his pledge brothers tried a bunch of different “styles”…I remarked that he still had more hair than I do.  He wasn’t sure if he was supposed to laugh or not.

Tomorrow he and his pledge class will be sporting the clean cranium look.

Mom…Dad…it’s OK.  It’s fun.  It will be a time they’ll never forget.