Another Wabash Tradition

A Wabash Class – Note there are 7 total students

One of those photo axioms goes something like this: “the best camera you have is the one in your hands”.  Well, yesterday it was the iPhone 4S.

Walking back from a meeting I passed this class.  They were discussing various passages in the book.  What class?  Don’t know, sorry.  I took the photo and hoped it would be OK. I’ll rate it = OK.

As we look to develop more student leadership opportunities, expand our academic footprint, and take Wabash to the next level, those moves will all be grounded in this – the core of what we do, and do well, is that faculty-student relationship.  It drives learning – in the classroom, outside the classroom, on the sports fields, and in the residence halls and fraternities.  This critical experience is what makes Wabash so special.

Meet Greg and Lora Hess

President Greg Hess talks to Wabash parents

Greg and Lora Hess have been traveling to meet Wabash alumni and parents in their neck of the woods. Stops thus far include Ft. Wayne and South Bend, Indiana.  Others on tap are Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Washington, DC, New York City, and San Francisco.  Expect Chicago, Il and Detroit in the future.

Lora Hess talks with alumni

Greg and Lora have made friends at every stop.  They have immediately connected with the Wabash community.  Greg sees great things ahead for Wabash and the Grunge senses we’re on the brink of a move to the “next level”.

Hope you’ll come out and meet Greg and Lora as they continue to reach out to our community.

Todd Rokita ’92 and Chet Turnbeaugh ’14

Todd Rokita ’92 and Chet Turnbeaugh ’14

Chet Turnbeaugh ’14 helps us on major college events with one-off posters that celebrate special things at Wabash.  Chet’s a senior so we’ll lose his expertise this coming summer.  The young man has filmmaking as a goal – he spent this past summer in California exploring that world.

Todd Rokita ’92 is a US Congressman whose district includes Chet’s home.  Chet had a cool idea – take one of his Monon Bell posters and get it framed for Todd to hang in his Washington office.

Many thanks to Mom Sandy Turnbeaugh for sending me the photo!


Father Mike Reding ’86 – World Changer

Melissa Butler H’85 and Father Mike Reding ’86 at Big Bash 2011

One of my favorite parts of the Big Bash is Sunday morning.  We try to have a Catholic Mass as well as an Ecumenical service and we invite Wabash alumni to be our celebrants.

I am always proud of our men in the Ministry.  Think Vic Powell, Hall Peebles, and Bill Placher rolled into one.

Father Mike Reding ’86 is just such a guy.  He’s gets “it”…all if “it”.  He gets Wabash, gets faith, gets God.

Chuck Crowley ’70 sent me this link.  It’s about Father Mike’s last day in a Parish as he was transitioning to a new Church.

Confirms what I have known to be true – he changes people’s lives.  Thanks Father Mike.


Mike Ditka!?!

Sigma Chi Bench for..a…day?

Those of you who know me know I tend to gravitate to the Senior Bench about this time of the year.  Actually saw a bunch of guys hanging around the other afternoon – probably the bench-painting queue.

So I went by there the other morning…and was a little surprised the new Sigma Chis are quoting Mike Ditka!

Da’ Bears!

Nice Work!

A gut feel tells me the bench will be red the morning of September 14, 2013.