175th Commencement – In The Books

One Proud Mom

There are the usual great photos and stories on the web about Commencement.  Please read them.  Please see the two talks by Riley and Jose on You Tube.  Those will make you proud of our guys and “this Good Place.”

Mother’s Day was almost perfect.  The sun was out and Commencement was in exactly the right spot – located between the Chapel and the mall drive leading to the rest of their lives.

Two Very Special Prizes

The real beauty of this day, for me, is to look at these young men, these difference makers, and t0 celebrate their achievements while at the same time eagerly awaiting their impact.  There’s a world-changing doctor in there, there’s a researcher who will find something better, there’s a teacher who will continue the Wabash tradition of changing people’s lives, and there’s at least one Dad who has taken the road less traveled and he alone will change the world.

Charles Hintz ’13 – On his way to teach in Africa