Me Thinks Millikin Will Need a Bell

President Pat White Rings Out the Class of 2013

The enthusiasm and love for Wabash College and her students shines on Pat White’s face. The hand of cards Pat was dealt during his tenure was not a good one – in fact it was a tough one to play.  He didn’t fold and he didn’t walk away.  He played them as Pat would – true to himself.

I’ve talked about Pat’s legacy before – no need to fill space today.  Suffice it to say – seven years of Wabash men can count on a wingman named Pat White for the rest of their days.  He will, as all good wingmen do, stay tucked in and available.  He’ll keep their 6 clear.

Pat White Leads the Seniors Through the Arch

Millikin – get a bell, a classic one, full of tradition and stories, on rush order.