Ronnie Posthauser ’15 Featured in Paper

Ronnie Posthauser ’15

Ronnie Posthauser is living the typical Wabash student’s life – full on and maxed out.  Right now he’s just finished finals and is on a two week immersion trip in Germany with Prof. Greg Redding ’88.

When he returns?  Division III National Championships in the 110 meter hurdles.

How many guys at other schools would be in Germany?  Not many, I’ll bet.

Read the story here in the Lafayette Journal Courier.

Mini Marathon at Max Distance

Matt Lohsi ’84 and his family

500 Festival Mini-marathon = 13.2 miles.  Necessary essentials = water.

Mini-marathon in Afghanistan = 13.2 miles.  Necessary essentials = water, plus gun, plus extra ammo…just in case.

Distance from Indianapolis, IN to Afghanistan  = Approximately 8,000 miles.

Running “together”as a family – priceless.

Matt Lohsi ’84 is deployed to Afghanistan.  He’ll be running in a mini-marathon on May 10th.  That mini is a part of a partnership with the 500 Festival Mini held this past weekend.  His lovely bride Colleen and daughter Karyn Joel ran in the 500 Festival Mini for him.

It’s a neat story – find it here.

Every Year At This Time

The corner of Wabash and Grant

There’s a common definition of insanity out there – it goes something like this: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

OK – the Grunge is insane!  Maybe Cubs fans are as well?

The Tulips

Every year our superb Sodexo team plants the red tulips by the sign.  Every year I take photos of them.  Every year they never make it to Commencement.  Every year I keep hoping they WILL make it.

News flash – next year I’ll be hoping they make it.  Just like this year!


Cory Olson ’85 – Call him “President”

The rewarding part of this work is I get to know some really, really good guys.  Guys I wouldn’t have known otherwise.  One of those guys is Cory Olson ’85.

When I first started in Alumni Relations, Cory was part of the great Dallas crowd – a super bunch of guys.  Have to admit, there aren’t alumni stops higher on my list than the Dallas one.  Still aren’t.

Cory’s work took him to Miami – yet another opportunity he said he “couldn’t refuse”.  Now today I get an email announcing that Cory’s the new President of LNR Properties.  In his own style, Cory noted “Tom, they still haven’t found me out.”  That implies he’s been lucky.  Not even close.  Cory’s one of these guys who KNOWS the investment business – backward and forward and inside and out.  He’s a great people person.  He’s a true friend.

Can’t think of a better guy for the job or a better person to work with and for.

High uppity-up degree?  Yep – AB in History from Wabash College – Liberal Arts in action!!!

Congrats my friend!  Well done!