You’ve Got A Good Thing Here – I Can Feel It

Dr. Bernard LaFayette, Jr.

Noted educator and Civil Rights leader Dr. Bernard LaFayette, Jr. is on campus this week as a part of our Martin Luther King, Jr.  week.  I caught a part of Dr. LaFayette’s talk in the MXIBS to a more than a standing room only crowd.  His memory is impressive and his systematic approach to change within a non-violence context was incredible.

But there was more…much more.

Dr. LaFayette and James Makubuya chat at lunch

Dr. LaFayette started by telling the students that he had taken a look around Wabash and he felt Wabash was a great place to be.  He told them Wabash is a good thing – take advantage of all this place has to offer.  In another segment he explained that he always did the research before taking on a new venture and they  (the students) would be wise to do the same.  Sage advice from a man who made a huge difference while literally making history.

Jasmine Robinson H'85

Speaking of legendary history making, Jasmine Robinson attended the luncheon/lecture and she continues to do what she has always done – help young men grow and prosper. Here she offers some advice to one of our students.