Todd Barton ’00 Keynotes 2012 HELP Session

Todd Barton '00 Speaks To Student Leaders

Wabash’s HELP – Housing and Education Leaders Partnership – is focused on giving the new student leadership on campus the tools and information necessary to prepare them for their new roles and responsibilities.

Todd Barton '00

Todd Barton ’00, Crawfordsville’s newly elected mayor, was the keynote speaker.  His message resonated with me, especially win he mentioned that to a lot of our guys this will be their second hometown.  (It’s my first and second, in a way of thinking.)

Todd made a big point about the best days of C’ville are ahead and outlined how our guys – in small ways that add up to big ways – can be a part of that.  It all ties into leadership and wanting to make a difference.  And that is what the HELP program is all about.

Another part of me thought about what a great resource a Todd Barton can be.  Non-traditional student-finished the Bash in three years-who decided he didn’t need to go far away to be a world changer.  He’s doing it right here.

Thanks Todd -for all you do for my hometown and out Alma Mater.