Advice to Seniors

Lilly Library

I’ll never give a talk to seniors on their last weekend here.  That’s OK.  Much smarter people with better comm skills handle those tasks.  But if I ever did…

I’d tell the guys they MUST walk the campus alone and in the dead of night.

Walk by the library…listen for the decades of Trustees discussing in earnest the future of this good place.

Hays Science Hall

Then turn and look at Hays Hall.  In this place, and Waugh before it,  young men learned the fundamentals that gave them the skills and the drive to save and enrich lives.  If you look real close, you can see Tom Cole, Willis Johnson, and Ed Haenisch  working with students in the labs.  That’s them keeping an eye on Lon Porter, Ann Taylor, Eric Wetzel, Scott Feller, Wally Novak, and the entire crew.

Stop by the senior bench…and just listen.

Swing by Center Hall…and just listen.

Walk the Arboretum…and take it all in.

Stand on the 50 yard line and look at the home stands.  See those guys in striped pants?

Bottle that all up and take it with you – share with your sons and grandsons.  Tell them this is the place that formed you into the man you are.

That’s what I’d tell them.

Breakfast of Champions – Freshmen Champions

Prof. Martin Madsen and his students

Martin Madsen and his students gathered for the final in their Freshman Tutorial an hour early this morning.  They’re starting the day with a hearty breakfast.  After that they’ll go through their presentations.  The class is on “Lord of the Rings”.

Brain food!

The guys were pretty loose, especially for this hour of the morning.  I think this will pay big dividends as they make their presentations.

It occurred to me that this was a mini-midnight Munch.  It’s the entire Wabash community cheering on our guys to do their absolute best.  It wouldn’t happen at a big school.  It’s standard for Wabash!


Russ Harbaugh at Sundance Film Festival

Russ Harbaugh ’06 has graduated from Columbia and is living in New York City.  The film he “debuted” here on campus last semester, Rolling on the Floor Laughing, has been selected for the Sundance Film Festival – quite an accomplishment.

That's our Russ Harbaugh

Russ was an English major, star quarterback, and now his film making is getting attention.  WOW!

Wabash in Italy – A Trip Not To Miss

Bill Cook '66 Leads Wabash Group To Italy

Bill Cook ’66 is leading another trip to Italy next year.  Dates are May 24 to June 7, 2012.

Bill Knows Italy!

Bill is able to get the group into places off limits to normal groups touring the country.

Space is very limited so make your plans today.  You can get more details by sending an email to  We’ll fire off a brochure to you.


Wabash and the Heisman

Look who is on the cover of Sports Illustrated?  That’s Herm Haffner ’77 and his son Jim.  I think they were out in New York picking up the trophy to bring it to C’ville and present it to a Little Giant.

Seriously, Herm and Jim attended the Big Ten Championship game at Lucas Oil Stadium last Saturday and, as you can see, someone had a shot set up with the SI cover in the background and the trophy strategically placed.  Cool that Herm and Jim were decked out in Wabash gear.



They Came From Everywhere

Wabash Always Fights!

I’ll miss many, many folks and for that I apologize.  But they’ll understand.

Wallies came from near and far to support the Little Giants.
- Russ Harbaugh and his brother from New York City.
- Jim Davlin from Detroit.
- John Panozzo from Colorado.
- Khurram Tahir from California.
- Jim Kilbane from Chicago.

And there was the crew that rode the fan bus from C’ville, leaving at 4:00 AM, that included Profs. Rick Warner and Lexie Hoerl, Dean Mike Raters, Gary Ross, Bill Fell, and others.

And there were many, many more.

A great tailgate



Same as 2002

The Wabash Crowd

Before you shoot me, it isn’t about the outcome - it’s about Wabash fans!

They cheered loud and long – nothing unusual there.
They were into “it” all game long – nothing unusual there.
They yelled “Wabash Always Fights!” all afternoon – nothing unusual there.
They sang “Old Wabash” with heart and passion – nothing unusual there.
Special fans – Yes indeed!!!

Dear Old Wabash

Wabash Pride

And after the game was over, and the Mount Union team and ALL their fans had left the field, we had it all to ourselves.  Our team.  Our coaches.  Our fans.  The team had given it their all and the very personal, very proud feelings came to the forefront.  It’s the time where I almost think that pictures are invasive.

Days like Saturday help us to understand how really special the Wabash community really is.

Some Little Giants?  Yes, indeed.


Joe Emmick ’92 – Last Chapel Talk…for a while…

Joe Emmick '92

Joe Emmick ’92, departing later this month to take a leadership position at Elmhurst College, talked in Chapel yesterday.

Joe’s talk was about the changes in Wabash during his time at the College.  A lot of changes.  A lot of good changes.  Challenges…and opportunities.

Joe is “Wabash” through and through – he loves his Alma Mater just like we do.  He’ll be an involved alumnus in Chicago.  In fact, I think he’s looking forward to being just Joe Emmick ’92…if you get my drift.

We’ll miss him for sure – he’s been the “heavy lifter” and “go-to guy” for Advancement for many years.  But this is a professional and personal opportunity he didn’t want to miss.  They came looking for him – he wasn’t looking for them.

The Standing “O” at the end?  For sure.  We had a great crowd in Chapel to hear Joe and the guys clearly understood how much Wabash means to Joe and how much their Alma Mater has benefited from Joe’s hard work.

Wabash College Chapel and Joe Emmick '92

My sense is, though, that Wabash may see Joe Emmick back here at some point…stay tuned for a future season.

Travel safe, my friend!

Hauser Headed Home

Lt Col Tom Hauser, Wabash Class of 1988 and a Crawfordsville guy, is returning from Afghanistan.  Hopefully Tom will be home for Christmas – he’s been deployed for 11 months.

The Journal Review article mentioned Tom’s medals – those he had earned in combat. Ask him, I’ll bet, and you’ll get an “Aw shucks” kind of response.  “We don’t do what we do for medals” is probably what he would tell you.

I don’t know Tom…but I don’t need to know him.  He’s a brother…Wabash brother and military brother…and that’s all I need to know.

Happy Holidays, Sir!  Welcome Home!!!


A View From The Porch

Kane House

Yesterday the guys got their first taste of winter this year.  The day started with a lot of rain and then transitioned into heavy, wet snow.  The drive home was interesting, to say the least.

Regardless, the view from our porch is always a good one (I don’t have to write papers or go to 8:00 AM classes!)  Life changes daily but like Wabash, the Hays Center is timely and timeless…all in one.

Tomorrow is December 1, 2011.  The Holidays are upon us.



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