Like Those Decorations

You've Gotta Love Banners

We’ve got some decorations in the outfield at the Wabash Ballpark.  It’s nice to loo out there and see last year’s team celebrated for being th eNCAC Champions and also for their selection to pay in the Division III playoffs.

Of course, the logistics type in me says that in another 30 to 40 years we’ll need more room on the outfield fence.  I am OK with that – a nice problem to have.

Meanwhile we’ll keep in mind down the road that the 2011 team is the one who started it all.

Honors Weekend – WOW!


Phi Psis Ready for Honors

Took this last Friday – first day of Honors.  Notice the guys are playing catch. That’s because before 2:00 PM it was already 75 degrees.  A lot of the trees on campus have already decided that spring is definitely here.


The Bachelor - A Must Read

Biut not everyone was playing ball.  Some guys were catching up on all the latest campus news…via the Bachelor.

Sound of mind and body.

Nicholas Hobson – Skier at…5!

Nicholas Hobson

Nicholas Hobson is the grandson of Bob Hobson ’57.  That’s Nicholas motoring down the slopes at Squaw Valley.  As you can tell, it’s a competitive setting…

The kicker?  Nicholas is 5 years old.  That’s right, 5!  Now, the Grunge couldn’t a stand up on skis without falling over and here’s young Nicholas flying down the slopes.  Beauty of it all is he’s too young to be missing first grade!

SCC Announces Micro-grants for Entrepreneurs

SCC director Scott Crawford outlines program

The Schroeder Center for Career Development kicked off a new program last Thursday evening.  Through the generosity of the Schroeder Family, the Center will be offering micro-grants to students to start their entrepreneurial careers.

Joe Trebley '01

Joe Trebley ’01, Head of Startup Support and Promotion at Indiana University Research and Technology Corporation, was the featured speaker at the kickoff.  Joe explained the basics of starting a new enterprise.  He explained that every idea evolves and the key ingredients to success are hard work and selling your ideas.

Betsy Knott also talked about the opportunities available to our students in the Business Immersion Program this coming summer.

A good evening.  A bunch of guys attended who had some interesting ideas with a boatload of possibility.  Stay tuned for greatness!


A True Scholar Athlete – Kevin McCarthy ’12

Kevin McCarthy '12

What a Spring Break!!!

Blogged last week about Kevin McCarthy ’12 as the reigning National Champion for Div III in the indoor mile.  Remember, he just missed the National record for the mile.Kevin has been a star in Track and in Cross Country at Wabash.

Kevin also garnered another NCAA honor - NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship! These scholarships are great honors and the competition is just as keen as a National Meet – heck, it IS a National Meet!  Kevin plans to go on to Medical or Nursing School.

See the story here.

Congrats, Kevin!

Wes Chamblee at Ball State Pro Day

Wes Chamblee '12

Wes Chamblee worked out for NFL scouts recently at the Ball State Pro Day.  His dream is to play football at the next level and he’s love to go to the NFL but will also take a look at the Arena league and other opportunities.

Wes is a great young man – we’d love to see him catch on somewhere.  With Pierre Garcon leaving the Colts, I think Wes would fit right in!

Read the story here.

Good luck Wes – you’re Some Little Giant.

And Reed Makes 3!

Reed Manges '34

This is the 3rd report we’ve had on a new member of the Class of 2034.  Keep this up and we can scale back Admissions!

That’s Reed Manges ’34, son of Marcus ’10 and Jesika Manges.  Born on March 11, 2012.   John Dewart ’10, who sent me the photo, reports that he think Marcus already has begun making tuition payments to Wabash so young Reed may have limited choices!

Mother and son doing fine.  Congrats!

Lee Clark ’73 – In the Election News!

Lee Clark '73

Lee Clark ’73 is running for Hamilton County Commissioner for the 2nd District.  Lee’s been quite active as a board member of the Indianapolis Association of Wabash Men and you have seen him on the sidelines at Wabash football games as a cameraman (we “media” guys stick together.)

Lee majored in Political Science at the ‘Bash – he also earned an MBA from Ball State.  Lee has lived in Hamilton County for over 33 years.  Lee’s father served as a superintendent of Hamilton Southeastern Schools – so public service runs deep in the family.

Keep an eye out on the ballot, Hamilton County voters!

Kevin McCarthy ’12 – National Champion

Kevin McCarthy '12 - Focused!

Kevin McCarthy in the new national champion in the indoor one-mile run.  Time was 4:08:93, just shy of the record 4:08:19.

Kevin’s a great runner and I think his face in the photo – “borrowed” from our web site – tells it all.  He had a plan, he stuck to the plan, and when the going got tough, he was the toughest.

Hailing from a place whose motto is “Wabash Always Fights”…there’s no surprise in his focus or effort.

Nice to hear those words…National Champion!  Some Little Giant!


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