Happy New Year!


The Fall of 2014 was a great one for the college – Rhodes Scholar, athletic successes, large enrollment, new housing started, terrific fundraising year….the list goes on and on.

All of that suggests that 2015 has the potential to be an even better year for Wabash.  I know I’m looking forward to watching this year unfold…probably with as much interest as ever as a staffer here.

Keep in mind that your Wabash is bucking a lot of trends.  Fewer and fewer young men going to college.  That means the population willing to look at a college for men is also smaller.  Multiple that by the college’s desire to grow larger and by the competition from all those co-ed liberal arts colleges for exactly the young men your Alma Mater wants to attract.

That means your Alma Mater will need your help, especially with Admissions.  You know some young men who appear to have what it takes to be Wabash men?  Don’t stand on the sidelines of recruiting…jump in.  Get them introduced to Wabash and help them along the recruiting way.

It’s one of the best investments you can make in the future of your Wabash College!