Please Include Wabash On Your Holiday List

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

The Grunge is headed out to be GaBunge for a little while.

I just finished reading the latest class letter by JJ Peller ’13.  JJ relates a story about looking for a new truck and the importance of a Wabash connection to that purchase.  JJ made a three hour drive, passing several dealerships on the way, to see classmate Corbin Richards ’13 for a very simple reason – JJ knew what he wanted but had some questions.  He knew Corbin would shoot straight with him.

That reminded me of the way we picked our family doctor when we moved to the South Bend area almost 20 years ago.  I opened the South Bend Tribune and saw a piece on the new physicians coming to the South Bend Clinic.  Bob Oppman ’88 was listed.  I didn’t know Bob from Adam…but his AB was from Wabash and that’s all I needed to know.  Despite moving for South Bend 15 years ago, Bob is still a great friend and our ND area family doc (we have them all over now!)

When I needed some fairly serious work done back in 2006, I turned to my classmate and friend Trey Holland ’71.

When Carol needed a new knee, we went straight to OrthoIndy and Frank Kolisek ’82.

The critical part in all this is the instant trust you have of someone who went to Wabash.  We all know this is a tough course…but we also know it changes lives.

So, I ask a favor.  Join me in supporting Wabash as the year comes to a close.  Wabash makes a difference in young men’s lives.  And education of our young men is more important than ever before.  We do make a difference.

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