‘Bash Basketball – It Feels Good!

Wabash vs.  Allegheny

Wabash vs. Allegheny

We played two basketball games this past weekend.  The guys from Hiram and Allegheny were doing their swing through Wabash and DePauw.

Wabash won a thriller, a double overtime victory, on Saturday against a determined Hiram team.  On Sunday, despite a nice lead in the first half, we just didn’t have enough left in the tank to hold off Allegheny.

Some times sports fans make the mental switch to the “intangibles”…hanging out where points, fouls, threes, dunks, and other details take a backseat to warm fuzzies.

The Grunge choose to go there yesterday afternoon.  Who doesn’t like a little warm fuzzy on a cold, snowy, slick afternoon?

As some around here say, “Always Means Always” and our guys fought the entire game…even if their legs were on fire.  Speaking of fire, Coach Brummett and Coach Sullivan also are never give up guys.  No slumping on the seats when the end became near…and clear.  No way.  Coach and Coach were teaching basketball and life…non-stop.  Their words, but even more their example, will resonate long after the next tipoff…

Yep – the Grunge hates to lose…at anything.  But the Grunge is also a proponent of lifelong learning…and we all did a little of that yesterday.

Coach Kyle Brummett

Coach Kyle Brummett