One Month From Yesterday


Step One – Pick Up Your Packet

Perspective:  Hall of Famer John Elway played his last season with the Denver Broncos in…1998.  Wabash’s Class of 2018 was learning to…run!

So, it’s about to begin all over again – Freshman Saturday is one month from yesterday.  Summer?  Over!  Ability to find a good parking spot on campus?  Over!  But it’s all OK.

We start longing for the summer about the time the guys do…around spring break.  We can’t wait for a little piece and quiet.  They can’t wait for the school year to be over.

But about two weeks after they’re gone…we’re ready to have it all back again.  The place simply isn’t the same…even if the parking sit. is a lot better.  After all, Wabash is all about these guys and their education – we don’t exist without them.  And the first real signal they’re back?  When the brand new class shows up.

It won’t be long now…