Lou Ristine and Bill Bonifield

This past Saturday, I attended the Memorial Service for Lou Ristine.  Lou passed away earlier in July.  Lou and Dick Ristine are Wabash College and Indiana legends.

The service was spot on – tough to do when there’s so much to celebrate and remember…balanced by the big loss so many feel.  There was a great balance between genuine laughter and quiet reflection.

My favorite memory comes from my high school days here.  I was in a band with Tom Ristine ’72 and his parents would allow us to practice in their family room – how they put up with that noise is beyond me.

At the reception following the Service, I had a chance to talk with Professor Bill Bonifield.  Bill was a economics professor here from 1964 to 1980.  I hadn’t seen him in 43 years.  I wasn’t shy – I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to thank him.  You see, I think I took every econ. class Bill taught…at least in my days.  He was a great teacher and he brought the best out of this mediocre student.  I told him that.  He didn’t remember me (why should he?) but I felt good telling him he had an impact on my life that still exists.  I didn’t want to miss the opportunity – he turns 80 this year…and my warranty ran out a long time ago.

As my son Chris often says these days: “Dad, time is not on your side.”