Veterans Day Sneaks By Again

Veterans Day 2013

Tip of the flight cap to Josh Stowers ’14.  Josh is a Marine.  Not was…is.  Once a Marine, always a Marine – just ask my good friend Tom Hays ’55.  Thanks for serving Josh. 

Campus quiet today, as it always is on Veterans Day.  More important things to discuss here, as you probably have seen.

Young men learning…getting ready to go out and change the world.

A small sidebar…they can do that here in the quiet, comfortable surroundings that are Wabash because people like Ethan Olberding ’99 are making sure it stays that way.  Nothing life or death here…just homework.  That’s a good thing.  Thanks for serving Ethan.

A thanks today from me as well.  Thanks for reading this blog through all these posts.  You ten have stuck with it – I can’t imagine why.  It’s been…ahh…”interesting” to say the least.

Check Six and keep your speed up!