It’s MOvember!

Look at all that white hair…and the size of that snooooozzz

It’s Movember..last month was breast cancer awareness and Movember is all about men’s cancers.

The Grunge, as a men’s cancer survivor, feels the need to help.  My gift to MOvember is in and I hope you’ll consider one as well.  Here’s the link to the MOvember web site.

Please, do NOT make a gift in lieu of investing in Wabash – that’s wouldn’t be right.  All the Grunge asks is that you consider helping us fight the good fight.  One out of six men will get prostate cancer…I have five of you out there covered!

Oh…inside tip.  Now that the facial fuzz is coming along, the Grunge will “fashion” a stash this weekend.  Think Goose Gossage!