So Long Road Trip Van

The Road Trip Van Is On It’s Fini Flight

The current 2013 Road Trip will be the final voyage for the Road Trip Van – her third Road Trip.  Her service includes over 15 away game tailgates and numerous other trips.

The van has been a real crowd pleaser on these trips – alumni love the way it looks.  The most photographed part has been the football scoreboard on the back window.  It might be a photo of a loop-sided victory over a fierce rival!

Not everyone fell in love with the van, however.  One staff member, we’ve heard, has refused to even drive it.  Oh well…

When she returns next week, her “warp” will come off, she’ll return to just a normal van, and she returns to the dealer.  Will she be replaced?  Probably not – budget cuts, campus opinions – you know how that all goes.  It is what it is.

Regardless of all that, the Road Trip events have been pretty popular and the van a favorite.  We’re hoping to find a way to continue that.