This Good Place…Ramblings by Grunge

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This is the point in the summer that I am reminded of all those calls that go something like this:

1.  “Do you just take the summer off?”

2.  “Is your office closed when the students are gone?”

3.  “What could there possibly be for you to do?”

And a brand new one this year: “You really need a pitch pipe for Big Bash Chapel Sing…to make sure the key is correct.” (Mental image – retired fighter pilot with pitch pipe…)

A look down the mall puts it all in perspective.  It IS a good place, but not one without its challenges and warts – after all, this isn’t heaven.

This good place changes young mens’ lives.  Thankfully, they don’t get to see how “the Wabash sausage is made” all the time.

This places challenges young men to stretch their perceived boundaries…and helps them create new, broader ones.

This place opens young men to the reality of friends for a lifetime.

This place introduces the concepts behind leadership – and provides examples of success…and of…ahh…not as much success.

This place gets in your blood…and occasionally in your digestive track.

Bottom line is simple.  This Good Place creates better tomorrows while at the same time leaving us  room to make it all better.  Wouldn’t really want it any other way, I don’t think….

Wait a minute…just a quick thought…a couple of jets?

Cornhole “Joins” Big Bash Offerings

It Looks Good From Here

We added a couple of cornhole games to the Big Bash this year.  Hoped to complement Tommy’s Scarlet Nickel outside with these.  Tommy’s never made it outside (rain) and neither did the cornhole games.  But that didn’t stop alumni from checking them out.

The formula is pretty simple – grab a couple of classmates, stop by Tommy’s for TWR, and try your luck at cornhole.  For those of you planning to be back for the Bash of 2014…they’ll be waiting on you.

Big Bash Via “Go To Meeting”

Beta Go To Meeting

Right before their class dinner at the Big Bash, the 1983 Betas got together for a “Go To Meeting” with their pledge brothers who could not make it back.  One was “stuck” in Australia while the other was similarly “stuck” in Germany.

So, through the effort of Dr. John Roberts ’83 and our own Brent Harris H’03,  the entire group had a virtual reunion in Trippet Hall’s Video Conference Room.  There were a couple of minor glitches then all of the sudden they were calling each other names and remembering the good old days – just like those days.

It was a load of fun…but there wasn’t any schnitzel of Fosters Lager to be had!


Jeff Soller ’12 – Changing Lives

Alex Reyna, his parents, and Wabash alumnus Jeff Soller ’12

Jeff Soller ’12 is a teacher with Teach for America in Houston, Texas.  As such, he’s investing himself fully in changing young people’s lives.

He’s also serving his Alma Mater.  Alex Reyna will be a Wabash man, class of 2017.  Alex will be here because of the combined efforts of Jeff and Chip Timmons ’96 in our Admission office.

But it gets even better…

Jeff has identified 7 young men at his high school who have what it takes to be a Wabash man. He’s working with Chip to get them all up here for a campus visit.

Jeff Soller – Some Little Giant!


The Big Bash Has Gone Worldwide

Big Bash East

While over 400 enjoyed the Big Bash last Friday, Wabash faculty celebrated a Big Bash dinner …in China.  Professor Kay Widdows sends us this report:

“On the penultimate night of our trip to China, we were hosted by some of our Chinese alumni to a fabulous dinner on Beijing’s famous “Ghost Street”.  Left to right are Yangnan Liu ’12, Kay Widdows, Dan Rogers, Tian Tian ’11, Lexie Hoerl,  Hao Liu ’11, Ximin Sun ’13, and Richard Widdows”

Big Bash 2013

It’s Your Wabash

The skies parted…the pouring rain stopped…and the sun even shone a time or three.

It was enough to get folks out and about.  254 alumni signed the book yesterday…we could…go…all…the…way…to a record.  We’ll see today.

Meanwhile, seems like this morning’s rain is letting up…really want Chapel Sing outside.

Gotta run.