Ringing In The Class

President Pat White Rings In The Class Of 2016

The problem with being a fighter pilot temporarily transplanted into Academia is often trying to describe things.  For example, Chapel Sing or yesterday’s Ringing In ceremony.  If I were with my friends and they asked about one of those, I have a two word code I could use and they would completely understand.  Adding one extra code would make it world class special.  (Sorry – can’t share – those codes are “classified”.)

So, this poor dumb fighter pilot is left trying to describe the indescribable – another Ringing In Ceremony.  Let me put it this way.  Goose bumps…few dry eyes…a life changing moment….and I am just talking parents.  Take a look at the faces of the parents in the photo album…that will tell you.

Another great Ringing In Ceremony and another great year ahead of us!

For a few more photos from the cheap seats, click here.