Greg Castanias ’87 Garners Award

Greg Castanias ’87

Greg Castanias ’87,  partner in the Washington, DC office of global law firm Jones Day, received a “Fastcase 50” award at the American Association of Law Libraries annual meeting on July 21-24.

The 50 winners are recognized as “the smartest, most courageous innovators, techies, visionaries, and leaders in the law,” according to Fastcase, a legal research company. Besides lawyers, the award recipients include judges, teachers, and other legal professionals.

Greg is an appellate and intellectual property litigator with extensive Supreme Court and Federal Circuit advocacy experience. He heads Jones Day’s Federal Circuit practice.

Greg also serves Wabash in many ways, including serving as the President of the Alumni Body, the National Association of Wabash Men.

Congratulations Greg!!!

Pre-season Top 25…

Wabash isn't #1 or #2...

The Pre-season Top 25 list is out on…click here to see it all.

The football conversation on is just starting to heat up.  That web site is a source of a great deal of “information” and “opinion”.  Can get a  little funny at times as well.

There’s your light reading and entertainment for today!

All Quiet Now..But Soon…

Hollett Little Giant Stadium

It’s all quiet now…but it won’t be for long.

When I was wandering the other day, I just happened by the football stadium.  And it seems so…quiet.

In a couple of weeks we’ll see the 2012 football team out there and the cross country guys taking on the alumni in the Finch Memorial Meet.  A couple weeks after that, Jay Fisher ’66 will roll into town with his 85′ long Ram pickup and grill that feeds 2,000.  Frank Kolisek ’82 and his lovely bride Lisa will be here…Jim and Susie Cumming down the way…Don Shelbourne and the “Land cruiser”.

And many, many more.

All will be right in the football world.

Oh, by the way.  Tailgate info on Hanover on the web shortly…we already have our reservations down in Madison…hope to see you there.


A Sign Of The Times

Where Have All The Cards Gone?

In the interest of full disclosure, the Lilly Library and the Grunge didn’t see much of each other back in “those” days.  But I do know enough to know that the reference cards provided the map to greater enlightenment and completed homework assignments.

Well, as I was looking over the new Media Center – WOW! –  I happened upon this stack of history.  Card case in the background – card drawers stacked neatly waiting for…their future.

Seems an interesting play on history for the stack to be next to the brand new Media Center…makes me want to chug my Ensure!

Wabash’s New Media Center

The New Wabash Media Center

The Media Center is still in the Lilly Library…now at the back of the Library on the first floor.  State-of-the-art Macs (My son Jeremy, an Apple manager, thanks you!) and a nice open layout offers much more for our faculty, staff and student team.  The crews are putting the finishing touches on the setup – it will be ready to go on Freshman Saturday.

Even the keyboards have been designed with guys like the Grunge in mind. Check this out…

Where is that text tool again?

Next time you’re on campus and swing by the 1832 Brew for a cup of coffee, check out Adam Bowen’s new digs.