C’ville High School Reunion

Mt. Zion Elementary - A Long, Long Time Ago

Took this last Saturday night at our (CINC Grunge and Grunge) high school reunion.  This crew went to Mt. Zion Elementary before Tuttle and Crawfordsville High School.

What does this have to do with the ‘Bash and the Big Bash?  Nothing and everything.

I had no idea what to expect.  I attended our 10th and said that was all I needed for life.  But we have now attended the 40th and 45 th (I started high school when I was 7!)

This reunion reinforced something that I think everyone wonders about…status.  Our high school had the “in crowd” group, the “athletic” group, and a few others.  None of that mattered…at all.  We had good students and bad students…didn’t matter in the least.  What counts is the common bond of experience, just being there.  What counts even more?  That we have gone on to live a good life.  That in some way we have made a difference.  And that we are willing to share our experiences with others…others who shared our life decades ago.

All that pre-reunion stress and anxiety?  Over in 13 nanoseconds.