Stephen Gould ’66 – 42 Years Of Service

President Stephen Gould

Stephen Gould ’66 spent 42 years at Lakeland College in Sheboygan, WI.  He served as the College president from 1998 to 2012…14 years.  But that’s only the last chapter.

Stephen served as an admissions director, faculty member, director of off campus and international programs, and in many other capacities.  If Lakeland needed it done, he did it.

Can you imagine how much Lakeland has changed since 1970?  Think about Wabash today…imagine those differences…then go back to Lakeland.  Gould’s fingerprints are all over Lakeland’s progress.

His assistant said in a note to us “he always speaks with fondness and high regard for Wabash.”  I’ll just bet folks at Lakeland say the same thing about this Little Giant!  Congrats on a stellar career, President Gould!