The Bricks of Center Hall

Center Hall

I have no idea how many bricks there are in the iconic structure of our Center Hall.  By themselves, each brick is just that – a brick.  Put together they have become a timeless memory for all who stroll by or take a walk up those creaky steps…just to hear them utter their timeless sound.

Take a brick or even a couple of bricks away.  You still had Center Hall.  Maybe not as attractive.  Maybe not as strong…but it is still there.  However, as you remove more and more bricks, the entire Hall is compromised…from every vantage point.  Sure the bricks don’t change when they are added together or taken away…the soul of Center Hall is the one that changes.

So it is with your annual support of Wabash.  You don’t need to be the one who gives a wall…a pallet of bricks…or even a couple of dozen.  No, you just need to make sure your gift is there.  In your checkbook, that $25 or $50 or $100 is exactly that – no more and no less.  Added together?  That’s when the magic of a stronger Wabash comes into play.

Are you in?  If the answer is “not yet”, please make a gift before June 30, 2012.  Your annual gift builds a stronger Wabash each and every year.  Here’s the link to on-line giving:

If you are in, great.  The Grunge thanks you…Wabash thanks you.  Now, pick up the phone and call one pledge brother/teammate/fellow independent man.  Get him in.  His brick is important as well.

Wabash will be stronger…and you can smile that “this Good Place” keeps getting better and better…