Advice to Seniors

Lilly Library

I’ll never give a talk to seniors on their last weekend here.  That’s OK.  Much smarter people with better comm skills handle those tasks.  But if I ever did…

I’d tell the guys they MUST walk the campus alone and in the dead of night.

Walk by the library…listen for the decades of Trustees discussing in earnest the future of this good place.

Hays Science Hall

Then turn and look at Hays Hall.  In this place, and Waugh before it,  young men learned the fundamentals that gave them the skills and the drive to save and enrich lives.  If you look real close, you can see Tom Cole, Willis Johnson, and Ed Haenisch  working with students in the labs.  That’s them keeping an eye on Lon Porter, Ann Taylor, Eric Wetzel, Scott Feller, Wally Novak, and the entire crew.

Stop by the senior bench…and just listen.

Swing by Center Hall…and just listen.

Walk the Arboretum…and take it all in.

Stand on the 50 yard line and look at the home stands.  See those guys in striped pants?

Bottle that all up and take it with you – share with your sons and grandsons.  Tell them this is the place that formed you into the man you are.

That’s what I’d tell them.

  1. Well said!

  2. hugh.vandivier91

    Just superb, Tom.

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