Midnight Munch…I know, I know

The Best Line of the Bunch - Line #3

Midnight Munch.  I know, I know, I tell you every year how much fun this is…and this year was no exception.  We had almost 50 faculty and staff working that evening.  In all, we served 376 students.  That’s over 50% of the students left on campus by Tuesday evening.  Chip Timmons and I always try to get there early and sign up for Line #3 – as well as get on the short list for “bacon testers”.  Many reasons for both and all classified!

The first guy in line!

You have to get there early – and he did.

"Pancake Pat" White at the controls

At the end of a long day, Pat White had a lot of valid reasons to skip…but he didn’t.  He was even making Monon Bell pancakes.  I’ll bet his counterpart was not making Monon Bell…

Lines #1 and #2

We served a total of 200 students in the first 20 minutes.  It was wild.

Midnight Munch is the essence of Wabash College in a fighter pilot-it-must-be-simple-to-understand way.  The community – faculty, staff, Bon Appetit – all there to cheer the guys on to do their absolute best.  It’s not about the bacon and pancakes, it’s about the true sense of community.