They Knew All Along!

The first graders at Okamose School in Lansing

This is a photo, taken last week, of the first graders at the Okemos Public Montessori School in Okemos, Michigan (near Lansing.)  Two things are apparent.  Clearly these fans know about Wabash and the Bell game.  And, it appears that the young ladies are also Wabash fans.

Photo by Jill Hough, who is a teacher at the school.  You might know her brother – Jay Fisher 66.

Now. it all makes sense.

New Hairstyle


Caught this pic at the game Saturday.  I’ve leave it to you to guess what it says above the right ear.  (Math clue-the answer, multiplied by itself AND added to itself, is equal to the answer.)

He’ll need a little different “do” next year…but the idea is about the same!

BTW – in case you missed it…45…to…7! Ding, ding, ding, ding…

Veterans Day

Thanks Jim.  Thanks Bruce.  Thanks Wes.  Thanks Ethan.  Thanks Dominique.  Thanks David.  Thanks Mike.  Thanks David.  Thanks Alex.  Thanks Paul.  Thanks Dan.  Thanks Stan.  Thanks Steve.  Thanks Scott.  Thanks Ben.  Thanks Herb.  Thanks to all the other Wallies my feeble memory couldn’t recall off the top…

Thanks to all my F-111 buddies – you know who you are. I hope your chat with the Glen brothers today and…

A special thanks to all the Moms and Dads who shared their sons and daughters with our entire country.  To borrow a favorite line: “It wasn’t easy but it was worth it.” 

Monon Bell Chapel

Wes Chamblee In Chapel

Monon Bell Chapel was yesterday.  All four captains – Jon Horn, CJ Gum, Kyle Najar, and Wes did a great job.  Coach Raeburn was superb as well.

You see the NCAC Championship Trophy in the picture?  President Pat White presented it at the start of Chapel.  Yes, the place went wild.  It also went wild when Coach calmly took it and put it behind the podium saying:  “That was last week, we have other business to attend to this week.”

Everyone talked that DePauw would be up and ready for this game.  They also clearly communicated that the team is also ready.

Can’t wait ’til Saturday!

Monon Bell This AM

Monon Bell This AM

Photo this morning – wanted a close up of the bell and a chance to talk to the guys guarding it.  (They are a hyped up bunch, for sure!)

Despite the rain and overcast, that beauty just always looks great ON CAMPUS.

Sold out at Greencastle and 64 Monon Bell telecast parties all around the nation – details on the home page.

Wabash Always Fights!

I Can Hear It!

Monon Bell Game 2005

Got out of the red Ranger pick-em-up this morning  and could hear that Bell ringing across campus.  This photo taken at Blackstock…seems like yesterday.

Those seniors have already been back to campus for a 5 year reunion…is that even possible?

See you Saturday!  WAF!


Football Senior Day Special

The Family of Josh Linthicum '12

Saturday was a signature win for the Little Giants.  We beat a good Wittenberg team to win the NCAC and earn a playoff berth.   A beautiful fall day, it was perfect for sending the seniors off with a great celebration and hard-fought victory.

But we also paused to remember another senior – Josh Linthicum.  Josh, from Springfield, Ohio, the home of Wittenberg, passed away during routine surgery before his sophomore year.  It was totally unexpected.

Our guys have kept Josh forefront in their minds and Mike and Debbie Linthicum, together with their other son, were there Saturday.  For Wabash…for Josh…for his teammates.

Big #70, I’m sure, was tracking the entire game from his skybox.

Hey – Isn’t That Kenny Rogers?

Kenny - Is That You? Nope, just an old Grunge.

So, Wabash is in competition with Hampden-Sydney and Morehouse this month in support of Movember.  It’s to raise awareness of and support for research for prostate cancer and other men’s cancers.  In other works, MOustache time.

When I got the call Sunday evening to be a part of it, I said yes…no other answer.  I’m in. However, I was a little surprised this morning as I was shaving part of my face to see Kenny Rogers staring back at me.

I’m in for sure…despite the look.  Hope you’ll consider supporting the cause as well.  Tell them Grunge sent you.

Now, if the itching will just stop….


Dave Lundy ’70 – Boeing 787 Fleet Captain

The New 787

Dave Lundy ’70 is Continental’s 787 Fleet Captain.  As such, it’s his task to integrate the 787 into Continiental’s operations.  Tough job?  Sure.  Walk in the park for this former fighter pilot?  Sure as well.

Dave states that Continental’s plan is to introduce the aircraft into US operations first and also do some intercontinental non-revenue (think that means empty – no passengers) flights.  This gives the entire team at Continental – aircrew, ground crew, sales personnel – a chance to work with the aircraft before things “speed up”.

Dave Lundy – fly safe, my friend!

Now, That’s a Groom’s Cake!

Mark Cevallos '99 and Crew

Mark Cevallos ’99 got married last Saturday.  In the photo are Mark (in the center with bow tie), Eric Dieter ’99, Dave Coates ’99, Dan Hartnett ’99, Jack Fenimore ’99 and Greg Thomas ’00.

You’ve gotta love that “Man cake”.  Wonder if any of it made it to the freezer?

Congrats Mark!!!