Hey – Isn’t That Kenny Rogers?

Kenny - Is That You? Nope, just an old Grunge.

So, Wabash is in competition with Hampden-Sydney and Morehouse this month in support of Movember.  It’s to raise awareness of and support for research for prostate cancer and other men’s cancers.  In other works, MOustache time.

When I got the call Sunday evening to be a part of it, I said yes…no other answer.  I’m in. However, I was a little surprised this morning as I was shaving part of my face to see Kenny Rogers staring back at me.

I’m in for sure…despite the look.  Hope you’ll consider supporting the cause as well.  Tell them Grunge sent you.

Now, if the itching will just stop….


  1. You could have fooled me – it does look like Kenny. Thanks to you and Wabash for the support of prostate cancer research!

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