Veterans Day

Thanks Jim.  Thanks Bruce.  Thanks Wes.  Thanks Ethan.  Thanks Dominique.  Thanks David.  Thanks Mike.  Thanks David.  Thanks Alex.  Thanks Paul.  Thanks Dan.  Thanks Stan.  Thanks Steve.  Thanks Scott.  Thanks Ben.  Thanks Herb.  Thanks to all the other Wallies my feeble memory couldn’t recall off the top…

Thanks to all my F-111 buddies – you know who you are. I hope your chat with the Glen brothers today and…

A special thanks to all the Moms and Dads who shared their sons and daughters with our entire country.  To borrow a favorite line: “It wasn’t easy but it was worth it.” 

  1. Tom: Thanks for your service to our country, as well.

  2. During the 1957-59 some of us returning Korean era vets were seen on campus wearing OD (olive drab to the uninitiated) field jackets on cold days. I am wondering if the Camo issue coats in fashion now are as warm.

    I also remember the enhanced regard I held for the Civil War Plaque on the east side of Center Hall. Wabash Men, Thank you all for your service and for your sacrifice.

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