Dave Callecod ’89 – Leading Change!

Dave Callecod '89

Dave Callecod is president and CEO of Lafayette General Medical Center in Lafayette, LA.  He has been making a difference in healthcare for many, many years.  He’s also been a engaged alumni leader – in regional settings and on the board of directors of the National Association of Wabash Men.

Another alumnus who fits exactly the same description and holds a similar position in Detroit, Terry Hamilton ’89, sent me a note on a nice article about Terry’s vision and leadership.  Here’s the link.

Guys like Dave and Terry really stand out in tough times like these.

  1. Greg Castanias '87

    It should be added that Dave and Terry both have managed to find time to serve Wabash, including as members of the Alumni Association (the National Association of Wabash Men) Board of Directors. They lead effectively *and* live humanely, and that makes them both SOME LITTLE GIANTS. — Greg ’87

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