Wabash Always Fights! Normal!

An amazing comeback

The words are flying all over cyberspace: “Wabash Always Fights!”  Yes, the Wabash vs. North Central College was that kind of game.

It was truly a “WOW” game…for sure.  But in a strange way, it was also exactly what we expect from a Wabash team – we never quit.  We didn’t when it was 21-0…we didn’t when it was 28-7…we just kept giving it all we had.

Then 28-14….then 28-21…then 28-27…and an extra point waiting to be scored.

Then…GO FOR TWO.  I can tell you from my vantage point, that decision was supported by 100% of the fans around me.  If you can go for the win, why not?

Wabash does Always Fight…and that pays dividends for the rest of a Wally’s life.