Ethan “Rudy” Shultz

I’ve watched the movie “Rudy” at least 100 times.  Carol’s tired of me pointing out all of the scenes in the movie where she and I have been in that same spot on the ND campus.

Well, Saturday at Wooster we got to witness another Rudy – not a Blue and Gold one but a Scarlet one.

Meet #58…Ethan Shultz.  Freshman linebacker from Danville, Ohio.  Stands 5’6” tall and weighs in at 152.  Practices and plays well above both.


Tackle by Ethan Shultz ’19

Ethan played on the kickoff coverage team at Wooster.  Streaking down the far side of the field, he made a b-line towards the ball carrier and down he went.


Ethan Shultz ’19



It was a team bear hug as Ethan made his way to the sidelines.

Pretty fitting that the shirt under his jersey says “Wabash Always Fights”