Class of 2005 – Setting the NEW Standard

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Class of 2005

The old Big Bash record for a 10th reunion was set way back in 2006…by the Class of 1996.  They returned 40 alumni – an unheard of number in those days.

Last year the Class of 2004 – led by Mark Shreve and Jacob Pactor…returned 36.  That’s as close as anyone had come to 1996.

Until this year.

The Class of 2005 – led by Jason Cantu and Michael Ruffing – blew right past the 40 number…they ended up at 55 alumni signing in at the reunion.  That’s a 37% increase over the previous record.  They won the Class of 2007 Trophy in a landslide, they won Chapel Sing by the slimmest of margins, and Jason and Michael walked off with the Dorman Hughes Award of the best performance by reunion leaders.

They brought the only limo…and a class member for Hong Kong!!!

What’s the secret?  Personal communication and letting the class know who is planning to return.  So simple…yet…well, never mind.

Congrats to Jason, Michael, and all the leaders in the class of 2005!