Celebrating Tim Hewitt’s Life…and many more.


Ben Hewitt ’05 sent me this photo a little before the Big Bash.

Ben’s short note says:  This is a picture of David Graham, Scott Yeazell, Cathy Yeazell, Brad Goff, Karen Hewitt, Paula Flynn and Ron Flynn. All were in attendance today for the Celebration of Life for Tim Hewitt ’72. Larry Landis and Vic DeRose were also in attendance. A great time was had by all!

Ben Hewitt ’05

I wasn’t sure if/how/when I would add this to the blog.  But it hit me at the Big Bash when I saw Paul Honan ’43, Pierce Green ’50, and many others.  As I have grown older, I remind myself that I have, like everyone else, an expiration date.  (That is a foreign concept to fighter pilots who are bulletproof!)  You don’t understand the concept when you’re younger…everyone lives forever at that stage…right?

The Big Bash celebrates life…life and accomplishments.  And just as Tim’s friends and family celebrated his life and accomplishments, we do at the Big Bash as well.  Some class members are already gone…some are ailing…and some make it back with health and mobility challenges.  But we owe it to them all to celebrate Wabash, it’s impact on us, and also how we’ve invested that education.  Some have changed the world.  Steve Gross ’90 and his wife Melissa are teaching in Haiti.  Some have cared for other less fortunate than us.  Charlie Crowley ’70 and his wife Mary have done just that.  C. Davies Reed ’85 does God’s work as a Minister in Indianapolis.  Mauri Ditzler ’75, president of Albion College, is turning that fine institution around.  Peter Pactor ’65 has devoted a lifetime to teaching…and carries on today.

So, I go back to Ben’s note.  “A great time was had by all.”  That’s because His father made a difference.  And so it is with Steve…Charlie…C. Davis…Mauri…Peter…and many more.