Wabash Day at Eli Lilly

David Lewis '81 and President Hess flank the seven Wabash men who ill join Eli Lilly

David Lewis ’81 and President Hess flank the seven Wabash men who will join Eli Lilly this summer as either full-time employees or on internships

Wabash Trustee David Lewis ’81, Eli Lilly’s Vice President for Global Taxes and Assistant Treasurer, hosted President Gregory D. Hess and Dean for Advancement Michelle Janssen earlier this week at Eli Lilly headquarters in Indianapolis.  The Wabash group included seven students who will be making their way to Eli Lilly this summer.  In addition, many of the Wabash alumni currently at Eli Lilly joined the group for breakfast and for President Hess’ remarks.

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NAWM board member Jon Haug ’00, Assistant Treasurer at Eli Lilly, catches up with President Hess

Matt Piechocki '03 talks with Aeknoor Cheema '15 and Tyler Owensby '15

Matt Piechocki ’03 talks with Aeknoor Cheema ’15 and Tyler Owensby ’15

In The Beginning…

Lacrosse orig.-7086

Alex Barnstead ‘06, Jacob Bradley ‘01, Rob Walker ‘99, Nick Prihoda ‘99, David Coates ‘99

Wabash Lacrosse is a new varsity sport this year.  That means two things.

First, it will take a little time, even for the Little Giants.  I think we’ll be very competitive – playing for the conference title and the NCAA postseason – in the not-too-distant future.  But it won’t be next Tuesday…

Second, the drive to bring Lacrosse to Wabash at this level didn’t start yesterday.  Guys have been playing Lacrosse as a Club sport for a couple of years.  Five of these pioneers were back on campus last weekend to cheer on the Little Giants.  Rob Walker, Nick Prihoda, and David Coates were here when it all started and Jacob Bradley joined those guys as well.  Alex Barnstead is a younger but no less enthusiastic alumnus.

Bottom line – these guys and their teammates started it all and it’s their drive and determination that has us where we are today.  They have to be very proud of what they started!


Wabash Always Fights…On!

Nice save!

Nice save!

I shot the Lacrosse game this past Saturday.  Lacrosse, as I think I’ve said before, appears to be a great sport for watching and playing.

It was a tough day.  The Yeomen had a solid team and they moved the ball pretty well.  As it turns out, we were missing our top four offensive players.  The combination was just too much to overcome.

In my past life, the day might have been summed up as a “learning opportunity.”  Regardless, we know where the bar is set and we are driven to be there…and beyond!  Coach Corcoran has what it takes to build a strong program and there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind he will.

Regardless, on Saturday our guys and fans proved that “Wabash Always Fights!”

Guest Post – Jay Fisher ’66


“Here is a picture of Roger Lumpp, Phi Gam class of 1966 (center); Bill Olsen, Sigma Chi class of 1970 (right); and Jay Fisher, Sigma Chi class of 1966.  We all met on Marco Island, Florida in Jack’s Lookout (Bar) on March   25, 2015 to tip a few and to celebrate the “winter” and Wabash.  We posted a Wabash Day pennant on the rafters with all the other college pennants to memorialize Wabash Day and … here we are!  WAF”

Spring Just Might Be Here

It Might Be Spring

It Might Be Spring

It hit 75 degrees in C’ville yesterday…in between the thunderstorms.  Cooler today but the “cooler” is still in the mid-40s.

The latest crop of Lilly Scholarship finalists showed up for their interview weekend, which begins in a few minutes.  Talented young men…hope we get them all!!!

Trustee Jim Davlin ’85 talked to the group last night – how could you not want to be here after Jim explains what a difference “This Good Place” made for him?

The trees are finally showing signs of spring life and I noticed the senior bench might be receiving some attention.  A great time of the year…almost as good as football season!

Off to the interviews…have a good weekend.

The Beginning of the …Beginning

Dean Joe Klen '97 talks to the senior class

Dean Joe Klen ’97 talks to the senior class

It’s the beginning of the rest of their Wabash lives.

Yesterday was the mandatory (how many times do you hear that at Wabash?) out-processing meeting for seniors.  That’s Frank Howland running the meeting and Joe Klen ’97 discussing the Senior Gift Campaign.

The Class of 2015 is a good one – a good group of very talented young men.  Several will go out and change the world.

Commencement.  To commence.  I hope I stressed this is just the beginning.  I hope I stressed their entire world will change.  I hope I stressed they are Wabash through and through…and that Wabash is 4-Life.

They’ll have time to figure it out.  After all, they are Wabash men.


ND and ESPN In Legal Tangle – Wallies to the Rescue

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 7.47.12 AM

Notre Dame and ESPN in Legal Squabble

The University of Notre Dame and ESPN are in a legal squabble.  That’s two powerhouse organizations, regardless of the nature of the disagreement.  Here’s the story.

So, if you are ND or ESPN, who do you call on to lead your legal efforts?

Wallies, of course.

Representing ND – Damon Leichty ’94.

Representing ESPN – Jim Dimos ’83.

Usually the Grunge would be cheering for the Fighting Irish…but…in this case, I’m cheering for Damon and Jim!

A big THANKS to Paul Tipps ’74 for sending me the information!


Jacob Pactor ’04 – Teacher, LEADER, and Much, Much More

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 12.36.09 PM

Jacob Pactor ’04

I am a Jacob Pactor ’04 fan…a big one.  Has nothing to do with his dad…my classmate Jon Pactor ’71.

Andrea, Jon’s lovely bride, raised Jacob right!  Uncle Pete Pactor ’65 is also a teacher with the same drive as Jacob.

Read this piece in the Huffington Post.  Jacob just isn’t a teacher who loves teaching.  Jacob gets it…and he cares about the young men and women in his classroom.

Jacob Pactor, I hope, stays in the Education world.  He has what it takes to change people’s lives.


Religious Freedom Restoration Act – Educational Opportunity

Indianapolis mayor Greg Ballard at a press conference.  That's Wabash alumnus Ryan Vaughn in the background on the left.

Indianapolis mayor Greg Ballard at a press conference – he’s explaining that Indianapolis welcomes all.  That’s Wabash alumnus Ryan Vaughn in the background on the left.


If you haven’t heard – I’ve seen/heard alumni from all over the country sharing their thoughts – Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act has created…well…an environment conducive to a lot of varying opinions.  (In my former life, there’s a much simpler definition!)

Some folks asserting that Religious rights are important and must be safeguarded.  Others insisting that this bill creates an environment for discrimination.

The truth, as is often the case, lies somewhere in the middle of this sea of muck.

But isn’t this a perfect subject for discussion at our college?  Isn’t this exactly the kind of subject matter that can draw the best out of our young men?  Step one has to be to learn more about EXACTLY what the bill says.  Step two is to weigh the pros and cons of each part of the legislation.  Step three is to figure out how to fix the problem.  Step four is to explore and explain the best solution and communicate that.

Sounds like think critically, act responsibly, lead effectively and live humanely.  

That’s why real world “case studies” like this one are so valuable at a place like ours.  I hope we’ll see Poli Sci classes, History classes, and even a science class or two lay down the books for a short amount of time and let our guys – in a gentlemanly fashion – debate this as friends.

Sidenote:  Ryan Vaughn ’00 is exactly the type of talented young leader who can roll up his sleeves and work an issue like this one.  I am sure glad he’s there!