Smoothies with Presidents Seymour and Hess

Mrs. Hess, President Seymour, President Hess

Mrs. Hess, President Seymour, President Hess

It was a special time for me.  President Thad Seymour was my president as a student at Wabash.  President Hess will be my last president.

We (including David Troutman and the Grunge) all sat in Thad’s favorite smoothie shop and talked about Wabash then and now.  Thad also explained the transformation of Rollins College, which we toured a little later in the day.

EVERYONE in and around Rollins seems to know Thad – even current students.  Several ventured into the smoothie shiop and virtually everyone said hello…a couple noting his Wabash t-shirt.

Thad’s memory of the 1970s at Wabash is crystal clear…The Vietnam War, Elmore Day, the young man (not a student) setting himself on fire on campus (protesting the War), Trustee meetings, etc.  He hit it all!

Thad stays in close touch with Wabash through our web site.

At one point he noted that there is a time and place for college president’s…oh so true.  I’m just glad his time was my time and the place was Wabash!