Jon Pactor ’71 – Ever-Present

Jon Pactor '71

Jon Pactor ’71

As I entered Chadwick Court last Saturday, I looked up to see Jon Pactor ’71 handing out game programs.  Usually, it’s a member of the Athletics staff handling that duty while greeting fans.

I have to say, 50% of me was surprised to see Jon there…and the other 50%?  Not surprised in the least bit.

Jon’s on campus more than I am – and I work here!  I even spend a good bit of time here in the evening and on weekends.  But I’ll never close in on Jon…just too much ground to cover.

Add to IAWM board member, class agent, fraternity advisor, Admissions volunteer, Sixth Annual Alumni-Faculty-Staff Symposium organizer, and 43 other duties, the title of CEO of Program Logistics for Wabash basketball.

Jon Pactor – Some Little Giant.