Who Are You Going To Call?

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Chip Timmons ’96

One of the most popular pages on our entire web site is the listing of the Admissions and Financial Aid staff and their territories.  You can get the information two separate ways: here and here.  The first one let’s you see the entire staff, including all of the talented folks in Admissions and Financial Aid.  The second listing let’s you search for the Admissions Counselor for a particular area.  So, if you’ve found a talented young man down in the Evansville area, Chip Timmons is your man.

During travel season, you’re also able to see where each team member is traveling.

Wabash prides itself on being very hands on and personal during the entire recruitment cycle.  This gives you a chance to introduce a family your might think has a Wabash fit with one of our team members.

Of course, as things change these areas also change.  Check back often to make sure you have the latest information.