New Look Little Giants – See You at Chadwick!!!

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Coach Kyle Brummett

If it’s been a while since you took in a Little Giants basketball game, this is the season to get caught up!

Coach Kyle Brummett has brought intensity and high energy back to Chadwick Court.  Our guys are playing hard and playing well.

Kyle is a coach, though and through.  When I congratulated him on last Saturday’s win, he was quick to say “Thanks” but just as quick to say “We had too many turnovers.”  Reminded me exactly of a young lady coach I know from a place up north!

Kyle, and his assistant coach Patrick Sullivan, get Wabash…that’s for sure.  They also know basketball and already have proved they can motivate our guys.  Get ready for a new brand of Wabash basketball!

You can see the Wabash schedule here

Marcus Klammrath grabs a rebound

Marcus Klammrath grabs a rebound