Thoughts On Whitewater

Proud of these guys!

Proud of these guys!


Carol and Grunge jumped in the car bright and early Saturday morning after seeing the last family members off from a short Thanksgiving visit.

Whitewater, with good weather, is actually closer than Wooster, time wise.

This blog won’t: talk about Xs and Os, the relative size of Whitewater, their football domination, the final score, or any of that other stuff.  None of that matters on this Thursday, I have decided. Yes it took me this long – those of you who know me well no I don’t handle…well, enough said.

I picked this photo for one reason.  It isn’t an individual shot – it’s team on team.  Secondly, Ethan Buresh’s gloves say it all – Wabash Always Fights.

Our guys played hard…the entire time.  Our captains – guys like AJ Akinribade – were working the sidelines…urging guys on.  Guys like Houston Hodges, who played virtually every down on Offense and Defense, just kept bringing it.  Cody and Ethan Bureshs’ engines ran at full grunt (a very technical flying term) the entire day.  Despite a very painful case of turf toe, Mason Zurek just kept at it.  These weren’t unusual – virtually every one of our guys did the same.

I believe its times like the second half of this game that define people.  It would be so easy to tell yourself that it wasn’t Wabash’s day.  To admit that the Warhawks are the #1 team in the land for a reason.

But that did not happen on a cold day in Wisconsin.

The measure of a man is not the final score or the final stats.  The measure of a man is his drive to give it his all.  The measure of a leader is to do that and drive his team to do the same. In both cases, the Little Giants can hold their heads up high.

The fans that day – on both sides of the field – saw what has always been a cornerstone defining “This Good Place” – Wabash Always Fights!