Wandered…But Just For A Short Time

Everything is green in the Arboretum…so I went for a quick stroll…


Yandes Library Hall / Detchon Center

Detchon Center has an alter ego…Yandes Library Hall.  The men of the Class of 1962 moved the books from Yandes when they were freshmen.  It was a long journey, I’m told – all the way to the brand new Lilly Library.  To hear it told today, that’s about 3 miles…all uphill.  And, of course, I think it snowed the entire time!

Yandes / Detchon is anchored in history.  It’s staircase, just like the ones in Center Hall…has its own set of musical creaks and groans.


Hays Science Hall

Hays Science Hall

Hays Science Hall sits next to Detchon.  It’s labs, even in the summer, are busy with activity.  Our young men in the sciences have the opportunity to do research, real research, under the watchful eyes of our faculty.  Hays is a superb facility in every way.

It was named Hays Hall to honor two very good friends – Sue and Tom Hays ’55.  Wabash is fortunate to have Sue and Tom – they are truly special people in every way.

The five minute walk clears the lungs…and reminds me that “this good place”, even when it appears to be resting during the summer, is not so much resting as it is recharging for another year of changing young mens’ lives.

Have I told you the freshmen were born in 1996………