You Better Sit Down!


The Chapel

So, we’re about at that time of the year when we start thinking about the fall.  And that means Wabash football and, of course, the guys back on campus.

The “guys on campus” will include about 260 or so members of the Freshman Class.

They are – wait for it – the men of the Class of 2018.  What does that mean?

–  They were born in 1996 or so.  Their first memories are probably dated 200X.

–  A flip phone fits the same category as a rotary dial – ancient

–  The “Miracle Catch” in the Bell game happened when they were…in kindergarden.

–  The guys were around six years old when we dedicated the Allen Center.

–  Was there a color TV before flat screen HD?  They wouldn’t know. (Don’t even ask about black and white.)

–  A slide rule is something you see at the Smithsonian…right next to the programmable calculator.

–  Those cars some people call muscle cars reside in old folks’ garages.

But, they’ll be here in a few short weeks and the Wabash faculty will begin their magic!  Can’t wait.