A Great Find For Wabash!

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Dean Michelle Janssen

On August 1, 2014, we’ll welcome Michelle Janssen as Wabash’s new Dean for College Advancement.  You can read the official story here.

Here’s the Grunge’s report.

I traveled to Valpo some years ago with Joe Klen and a few other folks from the College.  Valpo was setting the gold standard on some database conversion work and we wanted to “benchmark” with them.  Dick Maddox, a Wabash Dad, was their VP for Advancement and Michelle was their director of development.  We focused on database, for sure, but I came away with a real sense that their major gifts effort was also a gold standard.  Michelle was leading that effort.

Fast forward to 2014.  Michelle takes over as our Dean.  College for men – woman as our chief fundraiser.  Some might question it.  Makes perfect sense to me.

Wabash is a place that gets into your blood and Michelle gets it – she got it several years ago.  She gets it the way Fran Hollett, Ginny Hays, Lou Ristine, Anne Ford, Melissa Butler, Kay Widdows, Laura Wysocki, Sara Drury, Alison Kothe, Nancy Doemel, Sherry Ross, and Carol Runge get it.  Several of those ladies are legendary here.  ALL of them absolutely believe in this good place.

Michelle truly believes in what we are doing for young men and as such for the rest of humanity.  Will she be an agent of change?  Yes.  Will she shake things up?  Definitely.  Will it be good for all of us?  Absolutely!

President Greg Hess has jumped in with both feet and I think he’s found a Dean that will be a perfect fit for his “West Coast Offense”.