OUR Rudy


Wabash Alumnus Rudy Altergott

I’ve watched the movie Rudy maybe…just an estimate, mind you…100 times.  The story is compelling and that educational institution is in the Top 2 of my favorites.  My Dad graduated from there and my oldest son Chris, Wabash Class of 1994, is a Double Domer.

The movie tells the story of heart and drive…and several times through the movie I pause to remind myself, for the 100th time, that I have stood on that same ground.

Well, I am here to tell you Wabash has its own Rudy…Rudy Altergott.

I met Rudy when he was a prospective student.  He gripped my hand, looked into my eyes, and told me his name and the fact that “I want to be a Wabash man”.

I stayed in touch with Rudy from that day forward.  Rudy was, just like the character in the movie, all heart and drive.  There simply isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for someone or for Wabash.  As the videographer for Wabash football, he did everything asked of him, and more.  Never a complaint about the elements…just thrilled to be a part of it.  I can’t begin to count the times that an on-campus encounter with Rudy boosted my spirits.

So, last Sunday Rudy’s day came at Wabash.  Like 171 other fine young men, he marched across the stage, collected that sheepskin, grabbed a rose, and marched right into Wabash history.

Many of the guys who graduated last Sunday have become friends….good friends.  The kind of friends that transcend the fact that I am almost old enough to be their…grandfather!  They are good guys…they WILL change the world.

And I don’t doubt for an instant that Rudy will be right there in front.