Ray Jovanovich, Chris Carr, The Pacers, and 4/30

chris carr

Chris Carr ’82 with THE shirt

Our good friend Ray Jovanovich ’84 was on campus this past weekend for the Trustee meeting.  Ray picked up several of the t-shirts we had left over from the One Day Giving Challenge on 4/30.

Ray left campus a little early on Sunday as he had an appointment in Indianapolis.  The appointment?  Broadcasting the Pacers-Heat game…in China!  That’s right, Ray does the NBA for stations in China.

As you can see, he caught up with sport psychologist Chris Carr ’82 before the Pacers game – that’s Chris sporting the 4/30 shirt.

So, the Pacers come out, beat the Heat in game 1, and show their real stuff…had to be the shirt!