Seniors Paying It Forward

I couldn’t get a photo to show what I wanted so here’s the well-short-of-1,000-words scene.  Raining all morning…to continue all day.  Temp at 52…might hold there for the next several hours…Noah just went by with a circular saw and hammer…he was followed by a boatload of animals…

But every senior we’ve talked to today is happy with the weather because the forecast for Sunday is perfect – highs in the 60s and sunny.  They’ll happily take the rain we had Monday, Tuesday, all day today, and forecast tomorrow for an outside Commencement Sunday.  Does it matter?  On one level, no.  They’ll still get their sheepskin.  On another level, you bet it will.  Commencement outside paints an entirely different picture for their minds to carry for the next 80 years.