Advice to Seniors


All of these are best accomplished in the twilight of day…solo…i.e., by yourself.

  1. Walk to the Chapel.  Walk up to the balcony and think back to Freshman Saturday.  Find your spot.  Sit there for a few moments.  You are, my friend, a different man today.  Relish it.  Share your experience.  Most of all put it to good use.
  2. Walk to the senior bench.  Sit there…after all you are a senior.  (Make sure the latest paint job is dry, of course.)  Look at Center Hall as your arm rests on one end or the other.  Countless Wabash men have shared the same thoughts as you have right now.  Let them flood your memory banks.  It’s OK.  Next time, the thoughts will be familiar…but different.
  3. Take your time walking down Monon Bell way.  Then head into the Allen Center.  Once in the front door, turn around and take a good long look at the Monon Bell.  It’s commonplace for you to know it’s there…but that’s not the same experience other Wabash men have had.  That bell has a distinctive ring because it isn’t about just football, it’s about life.  “Wabash Always Fights” means you always give your best.  As players, as fans, as doers, and as leaders.
  4. Walk into Chadwick Court…and listen….carefully listen.  You’ll hear the basketballs bouncing, the sounds of crazy music, but most of all you’ll hear Wabash alive.  The same echoes you’ll hear if you find enough time to walk across the football field, the baseball field, and the soccer/lacrosse field.
  5. chapel-1820Finally, walk on over the Detchon Center.  Walk in the mall side door…you just entered Detchon Center…and walk out the other side…you just walked out of Yandes Library.  That one-minute walk eclipsed 52 years of Wabash history.  Soak that up.
  6. Take the sloping walk through the Arboretum from Detchon/Yandes to the corner of Wabash and Grant.  Stop on the steps…given by a Wabash Class of long, long ago.  To them, that corner was special.  You walked in a boy four years ago – you’re walking out a Wabash man.  They did the same thing over 100 years ago.

As you return to your living unit and the company of your friends, celebrate those long papers, difficult questions, oral comps, and every other experience.  Every little bit, good and bad, made you who you are today.

Now, do what I didn’t do.  Take a moment the next day or before you pack up to say a sincere thank you to those who changed your life here.  You’ll live forever…but they may not.  Let them know you care and you’re thankful.  Every time you’ll cut down the nets of another life challenge won, make sure they get a piece of that net.  They weren’t in it for money or for fame, they did it for you.