What A Fun Night!

We fit right in!

The Grunge has tagged along with the Glee Club tour in St. Louis.  Our local, very active, regional group will join the Glee Club for a dinner marking the end of their spring break tour.  From all I’ve heard, it’s been a good tour.

I joined them last night because I had heard that the Ambassadors of Harmony were very good and it might be interesting to see the two groups together.  We’ll it was just like the Grand Canyon hikes I’ve been a part of – strangers for a few nano-seconds then everyone just fits right in.  Same here.

A two-hour, full-motion, hit-every-note-right practice gave way to a short Glee Club performance.  It was fun.  The Ambassadors enjoyed the Club and our guys really clicked with them.

We had 22 members of the Glee Club and they had about 130 members at practice.  But numbers didn’t matter – all that really mattered was a love of singing and there was plenty to go around.

A Packed House Listens To The Glee Club