“Spring” Break Starts Tomorrow

Grunge’s iPhone This Morning!

So…our guys start spring break tomorrow.  They’ll be scattered all over…some on immersion trips, some with spring sports trips, and some to Florida, Texas, and other warm spots, immersing themselves in…ahh…rest and relaxation.

The C’ville weather, though, has kept them pretty much in winter mode – witness the temperature this morning.  No time to think about the mind and body slipping away when the temperature, at least to start the day, is in the teens.

I’ll try to catch the Glee Club on the final few stops of their spring break tour next week.

We’ll enjoy the relative peace and quiet through about Tuesday afternoon…then we’ll look forward to the guys returning that weekend.  It’s always that way.

Meanwhile, you’re best bet to follow spring break is through our many blogs.  Here’s the link.  Enjoy.