Father Mike Reding ’86 – World Changer

Melissa Butler H’85 and Father Mike Reding ’86 at Big Bash 2011

One of my favorite parts of the Big Bash is Sunday morning.  We try to have a Catholic Mass as well as an Ecumenical service and we invite Wabash alumni to be our celebrants.

I am always proud of our men in the Ministry.  Think Vic Powell, Hall Peebles, and Bill Placher rolled into one.

Father Mike Reding ’86 is just such a guy.  He’s gets “it”…all if “it”.  He gets Wabash, gets faith, gets God.

Chuck Crowley ’70 sent me this link.  It’s about Father Mike’s last day in a Parish as he was transitioning to a new Church.

Confirms what I have known to be true – he changes people’s lives.  Thanks Father Mike.